Drag to update

The interface is fast and easy so you never miss a minute to update your status. Have fun checking out when your status is expiring and keep it on.

your diary

Shake to knock

Whenever you think of someone just shake your iPhone and 90 Minutes will automatically tell your friend that you are thinking of him.

start a conversation

Start a conversation

90 Minutes intergrates well with Facebook. So you could update your wall, comment your status and start a conversation even if your friends don't use the app.

start a conversation

People diaries

Fill your moods in a diary. Let your friends track your moods and group them by week. Each week is a storyline that shows your friend how you were feeling in that moment.

your diary

No registration

With 90 Minutes you don't need to create an account, just sign in with your Facebook and you are ready to go. And you will never have to manage multiple profile because 90 Minutes will sync your Facebook data automatically.

sign in

No friends-panic

There's no follwing or followers, there are only people you know. 90 minutes will sync your facebook friends daily so you will find them in the app as they start using it.

no friends panic